Every year about this same time, participants of my coaching practice and subscribers of our newsletter read my pleadings about the importance of self-generating their own sales leads.

Here’s the Outline

  • I first write and lecture about determining for yourself what your creative prospecting system will be during the winter months. Then comes a buffet of ideas, but you must winnow down the choices and adopt your personal strategy or system.
  • These ideas are followed up with reminding salespeople how critical it is to actually being a “doer of the word and not a hearer only.” It does no good to know how to accomplish something and then be unwilling to execute the plan.
  • Along with this sales folks are implored to be persistent, realizing that “Some will, some won’t, so what, whose next?” Your success rate may very well be lower than at other times of the year. The bottom line is that you must slug it out to ensure that, “Your take-home pay will take you home.”

Regardless, you might have a great system, a superior work ethic, and maintain a tough skin to withstand the “no’s. But if you don’t believe in who you are, what you sell, or the importance of your service to society; you will fail. I’ll conclude with this short story.

There was a lawyer arguing a case for his guilty defendant, who was on trial for murder.

The one challenge in the prosecution’s case was that the body had never been found. However, the abundance of expertly presented circumstantial evidence was more than compelling. Everyone in the courtroom, jurors included, knew that the man was guilty—so in his closing argument, the clever defense attorney decided to go for broke.

He pointed grandly toward the courtroom doors and declared, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: In exactly 60 seconds, the so-called corpse, the man you believe to be dead, is going to come walking in right through those very doors. We can begin counting now.”

The time ticked by: 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 45 seconds, 55 seconds, …and then, at exactly the one-minute mark, in walked…nobody at all. Certainly not the corpse.


The lawyer addressed the puzzled jury: “Ladies and gentleman—I apologize. I told you something that obviously did not come true. However, the mere fact that you looked at the doors as you did showed me—and shows you—that you had some measure of doubt. And of course, if you have any doubt, any doubt at all, you must— return a verdict of Not Guilty.”

And with a triumphant flourish, he returned to his seat.

The jury went into deliberations—and just five minutes later came back out to render their verdict. The foreman stood up, faced the judge, and said they declared the defendant…guilty!

The defense attorney was enraged. “How could you?!” he demanded. “I saw all of you watching that door!”

The foreman replied, “Yes, sir, you are correct: We were, in fact, watching the door. But we were also watching you and your client—and you did not watch the door. Your client did not watch the door, not even for a moment. And that’s because you both knew there was not a chance in the world that anyone would be walking through it.”

The lesson? Don’t expect anyone else to believe something you don’t believe yourself!

————Perfect Blue Collar Sales Help————

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Shaun Gilman – Area Sales Manager, Memphis, TN.
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