Today’s edition of Selling Point highlights Doug Robinson’s informative book, Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word. The 116 short but relevant topics in this publication are being used regularly in sales meetings by blue collar services companies in multiple industries. Individuals and sales teams using SINAFLW are acquiring better communication skills and achieving improved sales performance. Click below and tune in for the next 7 minutes as Doug answers questions posed to him by the Podcast Media Network concerning this project.

Here are just a few of the endorsements and recommendations from readers of SINAFLW.

This book is an intriguing and refreshing look into sales. Every now and then I would stop reading and apply one of the nuggets I just learned. If you want something that will equip you to have a successful career in sales, this is a must read.”
Ricardo Vielmas-Lake Park, Georgia

“I selected this book hoping to gain some real sales inspiration. I found that, while not feeling like I was reading a text book. This book is practical, amusing, relevant, and an outright great read! I am immediately going to begin applying some of the ideas and techniques which were so uniquely laid out by the author. Happy Selling!!”
Alan Schmidt-Chattanooga, TN.

“Your book and leadership have been invaluable to all of us. Keep up the GREAT work. Congrats on the media recognition coming your way.” Jeff Duncan-Imperial, MO.

Great book, easy read. I love the stories and would recommend to anyone that works in sales or is thinking about a career in sales.” Sammy Burson-Naples, FL.

“Awesome book and a great read! I really like the stories that help back up the points.”
Donnie Spence-Memphis, TN.

“Your book is a great tool that is helping me with my team in the sales room. It is very practical and easy to read and comprehend.” Chris Watring-South Carolina


If you would like your own copy of Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word, go to Doug’s website where you always get FREE SHIPPING. If you are a sales manager or small business owner you should probably also take a look at Doug’s Leader Guide for SINAFLW, to help you plan and execute your weekly sales meetings with very little preparation!



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