If your company provides service for what you sell, you probably also offer some sort of maintenance agreement. Maybe your business is Heating & Air, Information Technology, Appliances, or even Vehicles. You may call this an Extra Privilege Agreement, a Priority Club, an Energy Savings Agreement, a Discount Club, or simply a maintenance agreement. If our roles were reversed and I owned the company, it would be named “Discount Program.” But regardless what you call it, make sure NOT to name it or call it a contract. Nobody wants a contract from a service company!

Although they can obviously be sold by techs and salespeople, the prime time and place to market them is when a call comes in from non-agreement customers or prospects for service. Since admin folks typically struggle with conducting selling conversations, why not show them how to simply “educate” callers on the benefits of an agreement? Selling becomes telling!

To ensure customers/callers pay attention and want to hear more about the discount program, your admin staff might simply ask callers, “Are you a discount customer or do you pay full price?” ALL CUSTOMERS WANT DISCOUNTS! If that one question is asked you can be assured callers will want to know how to save money. I’m betting this will be the beginning of selling lots of new maintenance agreements at your company.

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In order to really generate large numbers of maintenance agreements, teach this simple strategy to your technicians/service employees as they quote prices for repairs. Once this strategy has been instituted for both employee groups, make sure you’re doing your job and “inspect what you expect.” Follow up with role play as needed, because “practice makes better.”

In order to collapse time frames and motivate your entire enterprise on this initiative, establish an incentive for your team members who sell Maintenance Agreements.

In addition to a spiff (maybe $10) for each sold agreement, consider a contest where each agreement sold gives the employee a “lottery ticket” chance to win a substantial prize once a specific announced number of agreements are sold. Make it worth their while by offering one of several different $300-$500 prizes such as a gift card for a female clothing shopping spree, or maybe a Smart TV, or a date night dinner for two at a nice steakhouse along with a getaway night at a hotel. The point is to offer enough variety of prizes so that everyone will be excited about shooting for one in particular.


Finally, to kickoff this initiative conduct a company-wide meeting.

  • Start from scratch as if maintenance agreement are a brand new concept.
  • Outline the entire conversation/sales process for on the phone and in-person.
  • Have two managers demonstrate a role play of the selling strategy process.
  • Announce that every customer must be offered an agreement 100% of the time, without fail.
  • Put employees in pairs and role play all at once to avoid awkwardness of being put on the spot.

Discount maintenance agreements are great tools that allow you to touch customers regularly, while at the same time provide recurring revenue and business growth. For individual employees they offer a great opportunity to produce some “mad money,” simply from doing their jobs.


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