“He who see most, make most” (Chinese proverb), so let’s multiply your market leads.

Calling all blue collar services salespeople! Whether you sell HVAC, security systems, termite/pest control, replacement windows, whatever; you are in peak market lead season.

Company provided market leads are now more plentiful than at any other season of the year. You must also realize that rarely will you receive enough of them to fill a day, and peak lead season only lasts a few months. Therefore I’m suggesting you work daily to “multiply” your market leads.

Piggybacking a few self-generated activities and contacts on top of each market lead is both natural and productive. It’s natural because you choose people to contact who have some sort of relationship or connection to your company or to another customer. It’s productive because this additional activity reduces windshield time and generates “more revenue per mile” for you and your company.

Wisdom says to have various types of customer lists with you in either electronic or hard copy format when you are in the field. These lists will help you fill scheduling gaps, replace “busted appointments,” or simply focus your prospecting efforts in a tight geographical area by calling/texting/touching people while you are nearby.

Picture This Scenario…

This morning you were assigned two market leads for services you sell, but that’s all you have on your daily schedule. Whether you sell those leads or not you should have at least a couple of hours to invest in other activities. To help “multiply” those two leads for a more successful day, consider some of these collateral prospecting activities:

Multiplier #1

When you finish your first market lead appointment, canvass the neighbors. At a minimum go to the ones adjacent to and across the street. That’s at least four new prospects for future potential sales. For the “not homes” leave your literature packet with your card on the doorknob. Look up their address in a reverse phone directory and get their name and call for an appointment.

Multiplier #2

Carry a copy (paper or electronic) of current customers of your company. Find some near the address you’re working now and canvass these neighbors too. This customer becomes an anchor to name drop in order to generate additional appointments.

Multiplier #3

Certainly your company has some version of a complaint log. Stuff happens, so reach out to those on the log who live in proximity to the market lead where you currently are. Call and or stop by and perform a QA visit to ensure their satisfaction. Canvass those neighbors and attempt to secure some referrals or a testimonial from this customer who had a bad experience that was made right.

Multiplier #4

Carry a copy (paper or electronic) of a cancelled customer list showing ex-customers in the vicinity of where you are working today. Drop by while you’re nearby and attempt to have a conversation that could lead to re-selling a previously disgruntled patron.

Multiplier #5

Carry a list of commercial customers and stop by all that are near where you are working today and get permission to place some employee discount POS in their break areas. Certainly your company offers discounts to employees of your commercial customers for your services at their residences. Make sure your contact number is on this POS so any future calls come back to you.

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Multiplier #6

Using your iPad or similar device, locate new homeowners in the area you are working by using Zillow.com. Enter the zip code you are working in and then simply open the For Sale box at the top and click on SOLD Then deselect (unclick) all the others.

Sold homes will appear for that zip. Scroll back in time for a desired date range. Click on a house you want to investigate and you will have the street address. Click on “neighborhood” and you can isolate addresses of neighbors as well as other recently sold homes nearby.

Jump over to whitepages.com and secure the names and phone numbers for all the addresses you chose. Then stop and introduce yourself and your business. For “not homes,” leave a door hanger or business card and call them if they don’t call you.

Multiplier #7

From a new customer list stop by recent installs/start-ups in your target area. Verify the new customer is satisfied and explain your referral program and attempt to secure several. Make an effort to get introductions provided to these referred friends to “up the odds” of gaining appointments.

Multiplier #8

Always have unsold/pending proposals with you from the last 12 months. For those that live in your target area, stop by and “touch” them. It’s not at all unusual for people to be slow to make buying decisions. I hear stories every week about sales being made to folks who were initially proposed 6 or 9, even 12 months earlier.

By multiplying your market leads with these strategies, you will have fuller sales activity days and no doubt increased success. Additionally this will help you create a larger “footprint” in your sales territory.

Remember that the sales profession is a numbers game, so don’t get discouraged when people show no interest while working these multipliers. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Simply smile, give them 3 business cards (one for them and two to give to their friends), and don’t ever forget that:

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Who’s Next?

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