You may remember Snowmaggedon, the serious winter storm in late January 2014 which left about two inches of snow covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama, slamming Atlanta particularly hard.

The storm, which killed at least seven people, swept over a region of about 60 million largely unaccustomed to ice and snow – stretching from Texas through Georgia and into the Carolinas.

Both the Georgia Governor and the Atlanta Mayor came under fire for their response to a storm that trapped hundreds of children in schools overnight, some without provisions, and created traffic jams stretching for miles on roads coated with only two inches of snow.

Atlanta’s price tag for this storm was $13.5 million, as a result of having to treat roads, pay overtime, provide equipment and materials, feed and house workers, and then yes, clean up the streets.

As it turned out if it had been just one degree warmer during this storm in Atlanta, this tragic experience and compounded collateral damage would have never happened.

One degree of temperature made the difference between just another evening of bad weather and a winter disaster. And one degree would have spared Atlanta the loss of life, all this horrific damage, and the millions of dollars mentioned above.


Now apply this same mindset to sales calls. Think about the times when, if you just asked that ONE MORE QUESTION, you would have been able to uncover a serious objection, or an interest, a specific need, etc.

OMQ can make the difference between you winning the sale, rather than your competition taking it from you.

Here are five questions, that by simply asking just one, could make the difference between uncovering a qualified prospect or disqualifying someone you might decide would not be a good investment of your time.

+ To ensure I meet your expectations, what information is most important to you when making a decision like this? What factors do you consider?

+ Other than you, who else might be involved in this decision that should be included in our next meeting?

+ I realize you’re probably comfortable with your current vendor. But if I could demonstrate that we could deliver greater value, according to your definition, are you open to working with my company?

+ Before I share more about what we can do for you, how familiar are you with my firm and our history of world-class customer service?

+ What concerns, if any, do you have that could get in the way of us working together?

Salespeople normally assume that in order to generate big results, it requires big change. Not true. Don’t forget the Atlanta snowstorm. This was an example of a catastrophic change that was the result of a one-degree change in temperature. Likewise OMQ from you might just create “Sell-mageddon,” leading to an avalanche of second and third generation sales, referrals, and testimonials.

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