To kick start our conversation today, here are a handful of actual ‘tweets’ from introverts posted on Twitter:

-“Being an introvert is basically liking your friends but wanting them to leave at the same time.”

-“I have an internet hangover. I was around too many people last night and my body hurts from being anxious…No alcohol was consumed.”

-“One time I talked to someone for twenty minutes so now I know how exhausted someone feels after running a marathon.”

-“The worst possible thing I can see on an Uber driver’s review is ‘great conversation’.”

-“Here’s a public service announcement for all of you extroverts out there. If an introvert nods and says hello it absolutely doesn’t automatically mean they want to engage in an actual conversation with you.”

Statistics show that introverts make up 40+% of the buying population. There are critical differences in the way introverts initiate consumer dialogue, process information, make decisions and purchase services. These are all good reasons to better understand this portion of your audience in the marketplace. Let’s navigate some introvert factoids together:

+ Introverts hate small talk.

If you would like to make an excellent first impression, be polite and come quickly to the point. Above all, don’t ask personal questions. By that I mean things you think don’t matter such as what my spouse does for a living, or where we’re going on vacation. Introverts are not looking for a new friend so don’t try to suck up to them thinking it will help you sell. It won’t!

+ Introverts are territorial, especially over their personal space.

Introverts don’t like uninvited visits or interruptions. They really dislike talking on the phone. Introverts just don’t pick up if they don’t recognize the number, and would much rather text, if they have to communicate at all.


+ Introverts are not impressed by personality.

They won’t put much value on your personality, nor will they try to impress you with theirs. So skip the cute comments, enthusiasm, and motivating references. Your best course of action is to simply be polite, know what you’re selling, get to the point, and leave a brochure and/or a web link for them to investigate. Above all don’t press for a response while you’re there or exert any sales pressure whatsoever.

+ Introverts love to read.

When you are in a Starbucks and see someone alone at a corner table reading, that’s an introvert. By reading a lot it helps them avoid having to participate in conversations with other people. The good news about this fact is that they will closely read materials prior to purchasing services and products they are considering. Take the hint and provide the collateral.


 + Introverts aren’t in a coma just because they don’t speak as you talk to them.

Just because you have talked to an introvert don’t ever assume you have achieved your objective. Following a brief, and quick explanation, as you leave provide a fact sheet or some other leave behind and tell them you would like to hear from them in a few days if they have any thoughts or interest.

+ Introverts hate being rushed.

Any speech or action designed to move them forward will be considered by them as hype. They live in the no hype, no drama zone, so don’t go there. Never. Not only does it not work, it is exhausting to introverts, and they will clam up.

+ Introverts say what they mean.

Never respond to one of their comments with, ‘seriously?’ OR ‘do you really think that?  To them no means no.

Please heed my admonitions. If you will treat introverts properly and stay in your lane, they will become some of the best, most loyal customers you will ever serve. Additionally, they will recommend more to you once they’re convinced you are a friendly!

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