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Doug wrote and published a book that is great for sales managers and business owners to use as

lesson plans for weekly sales meetings…

Everybody knows that…

But did you know that Doug has now produced a Study Guide that’s designed to be used as a

companion piece to the book that eliminates the manager’s prep time for those weekly meetings?


$49 (Downloadable)

Here is a 5 Minute Video Describing the Book and the Study Guide

Using these materials, your sales and customer service employees will experience relevant, quality, 30-45 minute sales coaching sessions without you having to invest the time and effort previously required to plan and organize sales meetings.

Here are some suggestions for using the material:

1. Assign one of the 116 book segments (2-3 pages each) to your folks to read in advance of each meeting. The contents page of the guide includes the specific skill focus of each segment, to aid you in lesson assignments, meaning there is no reason to cover the contents of the book chronologically.

2. Commercial specific segments are also denoted with a “C” on the Table of Contents pages of the Study Guide if you have dedicated B2B salespeople.

3. Using the questions provided in the Study Guide for the assigned segment, (3-6 relevant questions are included for each one), managers can easily lead a discussion of the assigned topic, by either providing the questions in advance of the meeting, or asking the questions spontaneously during each training session.

4. At the conclusion of each session, there is a Skill Check at the bottom of each Study Guide page. This is a “show what you know” activity (role play, fieldwork assignment, etc.) to be completed by the participants following the coaching meeting to reinforce the topic that was discussed and insure they “get it.”

5. At the conclusion of the meeting, assign another segment for the next coaching session, and repeat the above steps at the next meeting.

A tutorial video is available on the View and Order Training Materials page

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