Who We Are

Doug Robinson, founder of Robinson Training Solutions is an experienced sales coach and author. He has been selling, managing, training, and coaching sales people in multiple industries for nearly 50 years.

We won’t bore you with his resume of accomplishments, but the bottom line is that during his working life to date he has touched and improved the performance of literally thousands of inside/outside sales reps and service specialists; both residential and commercial. Doug “gets” salespeople!

Doug left the corporate world in early 2011 and established RTS in order to assist companies in service industries as a blue collar sales coach. Most franchises and smaller companies there don’t have the luxury of an internal sales training department, and could really use a guy with Doug’s background, abilities and attitude.

In 2012 Doug checked off a bucket list item by completing and publishing his book, Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word. It contains 116 short (2-3 pages each), yet relevant lessons written to help salespeople. Effective prospecting activities to learn self-generation of more leads is typically important to all businesses. This is a topic Doug emphasizes throughout the book. Doug also demonstrates to readers how to communicate in the marketplace without appearing and sounding like predictable salespeople. Click on the image below to see all 116 lessons along with what skill focus each one targets.

Whether you sell business-to-business, person-to-person, from a call center cubicle, or as a service employee adding new customers or up-selling existing ones; your performance will improve by reading and applying the lessons in this book.

What We Do

Doug assesses every potential client before agreeing to work with them. He performs discovery to determine deficiencies a sales team is experiencing and then prescribes a relevant, common sense sales coaching solution. Doug absolutely understands that business owners/managers want effective and strategic training that will light a fire under their sales team, but they don’t want to pay much for it.

In order to address both of those objectives, Doug offers two economical and effective alternatives to meet and exceed client expectations.

1. Doug’s Live Videoconference Sales Coaching – Currently Doug conducts over a dozen, 30 minute customized online sales coaching sessions each week. These sessions are provided for franchises and other small companies who’ve hired Doug to help them, and he could do the same for your salespeople.

The online coaching sessions are performed on an agreed upon day and time each week. He makes a short assignment from his book mentioned above, or from his weekly newsletter Selling Point (subscribe box on the right) , available for FREE to subscribers. These serve as lesson plans for an online discussion, Q&A, and role play on that particular topic. These sessions are not lectures but rather interactive and participatory upbeat sales meetings.

View clips from a couple of these sales coaching sessions.

Multi Franchise Video Conference with Doug
Online Sales Coaching Snippet with HVAC Client

Watch a short video testimonial from a current client

For answers to your specific questions or a quote for your specific sales coaching situation, email Doug at dialdoug@gmail.com

2. ‘Do It Yourself’ Sales Training Using Doug’s Materials – If that option doesn’t excite you or fit your operational circumstances, use Doug’s materials and hold your own sales coaching sessions.

Simply order copies of Doug’s book, Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word for each of your salespeople, along with the Leader Guide he developed to use to help facilitate your meetings with minimum preparation. We will send all materials ordered to your U.S. location with FREE SHIPPING.

Below is one of the 116 Leader Guide pages.

The DIY system consists of 116 individual training topics from the book, providing you over two years of weekly sales meeting material. Your job is now to fill the role of trainer and facilitate the content any way you see fit. A tutorial video is available here.

Look Who’s Talking …

“Doug came to our rescue at just the right time! We were not meeting our sales goals and were desperately in need of sales management training. Doug implemented a sales management system for us that was simple, effective, and most importantly; doable. He met with our sales staff once a week for sales training using his book. He also met one on one with each of our sales reps using his “fix the worst things first” strategy. Within two months we exceeded our sales goals. At the time of this writing it has been seven months since we hired Doug and every single month we have exceeded our goals. Even our most seasoned sales rep with over 30 years of experience loves the training Doug provides. I would recommend Doug to anyone that wants to increase sales.”

Jay Pollock, INVISION Technologies


“I purchased your book for all five of our sales inspectors and want to thank you for agreeing to conduct the 30 minute weekly training session using your book as lesson plans. The weekly “Dial Doug” video chat coaching, in addition to your book, is a good refresher for all involved.  The guys like the fact that it’s an easy read with each “segment” taking no longer than 5 minutes to complete.”

Keith Gaudreault – Orkin Franchisee; Mobile, AL.


“We hired Doug to conduct training with our team, using our existing sales system as the curriculum. It was his first time using our material, but he was well prepared and exceeded our expectations. He conducted 17 hours of hard hitting, no fluff training during the 3-day workshop, including plenty of role play application. Everyone picked up usable aha’s, and the unique enhancements from his book, Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word, were great additions to the system we already had in place. I would recommend him to anyone considering sales training solutions, plus with his money back guarantee, what’s not to like? How can you lose?”

Tony Cooper, Owner, Cooper’s Heating & Air, Bainbridge, Ga.


“Doug came to our company and created a selling structure stressing systems and procedures and team synergy. Both components have changed the way we approach business on a day to day basis. He has encouraged our creativity to bring more life to the organization. Doug provides a “big brother” feel that lets us know when we are doing a great job and when “we need to pick it up a bit”. I appreciate this because I know he cares about the results we produce and the sales health of our company.”

Jay Carpenter, Alarm Detection Technology (ADT), Albany, Ga.