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Doug is a passionate and motivated sales leader. He understands the day to day grind that sales people constantly endure. Doug creatively presents the sales process in a simple, engaging manner in his book “Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word.” He takes you back to the focus on selling through his stories, ideas, and “Dougisms.” This book is great for everyone; those just getting started in sales, sales veterans, sales managers, and business owners that are serious about their sales teams growing and progressing. After reading this book you will be saying “Aha” and making lots of sales!
Juliana Pfeifer-Charleston, S.C.

I am a PC route technician and want you to know I just started reading your book and am finding it to be very motivating and useful. I have only read 15 pages so far but it’s like a hand pulling me out of the sales rut I have been stuck in. It truly helped me this evening, and I ended up selling over $1,000 of pest control for the day. I want to thank you for your words of wisdom and I’m excited to find the other secrets within the book!
Zach Shaw – Sikeston, Mo.

Filled with what the author calls “Doug-isms,” “$ell Is NOT a Four Letter Word” takes a unique approach in providing the “golden nuggets” of sales training with today’s salesperson in mind. Separated into eight separate chapters (titled “Enthusing,” “Essentializing,” “Engaging,” “Exploring,” “Elaborating,” “Encountering,” “Executing” and “Expanding”), “$ell” includes 116 two-or three-page standalone segments that each offers a tidbit that exposes an element of the sales game.
Carlton Fletcher-Albany, Ga.